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Sheglam Ember Rose Collection On Valentine 2024

Every body wants looks good for themselves and their love ones specially females who wants looks best and feel confident specially their favourite events like Valentines day.

When somebody wants look cool and lovely so they want to get favourite outfit and MAKEUP so, now I am helping you to get best makeup collection in this coming Valentines day .

SHEGLAM Ember Rose Collection

Sheglam is the best Brand in Cosmetics who time to time launched their amazing collection in every special occasion and more…

Recently Sheglam’s introduced their Superb and lovely makeup collection named “EMBER ROSE COLLECTION”.

I tried this fantastic collection and share my review on it which is perfect for beautiful look on Valentine’s Day.

Sheglam’s Ember Rose Collection consist of eyeshadow pallete, cream blushes, lipsticks and lip glosses.

Ember Rose Burning Devotion Color Palette

This eyeshadow pallete designed a foldable book box packaging. It has four beautiful matte shades which are very rich and highly pigmemented.

You can achieve a soft and romantic look for your special night and any occasion with this burning devotion color pallete.

ID: 27919516

Price: $5.99

Ember Rose Eternal Flame Cream Blush

If you wants to soft and romantic look and enhance your lovely night so get this eternal flame cream blush. Sheglam introduce their ember rose blushes in iron box packaging which are very attractive and feels like retro metallic. These cream blush texture is velvety cream to powder, highly pigmented and easy to apply with brush or fingers.

These blushes available in 3 different shades.

  1. Soulmate
  2. I’m Yours
  3. Love Language

ID: 27919563


Dynamatte Boom Long-Lasting Matte Lipstick Set

This ember rose collection’s lipsticks set comes in Envelope box packaging which is super loving and available in separate also in one piece.

These dynamatte lipsticks texture is velvet matte,rich and opaque in colour its long lasting and has non transfer formula.

These velvety matte lipsticks are perfect for romantic moody nights.

It has 4 shades

  1. Passion
  2. Bliss
  3. Cherish You
  4. My Beloved


 ID: 27940296

Ember Rose Immortal Love Nourishing Lip Gloss Set

Sheglam Nourishing lip gloss set has retro iron box packaging. These gloss are ultra nourishing and has glassy luminous shine. After wear this you will observe that your lips all day fully hydrated.

Ember rose lip glosses are perfect foe every romantic look.

It has 4 gorgeous shades

  1. Amor
  2. Unconditional
  3. Treasure
  4. Everlasting

 ID: 27919520


You can purchase these products separately or full collection at SHEGLAM.COM or at SHEIN.COM.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. What is special about Sheglam’s Ember Rose collection?

The Ember Rose collection by Sheglam is a romantic and glamorous makeup line specially curated for Valentine’s Day. It includes eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and lip gloss in shades perfect for a date night look.

  1. What products are included in the Ember Rose collection?

The Ember Rose collection includes:

  • Ember Rose Burning Devotion eyeshadow palette
  • Eternal Flame cream blushes
  • Dynamatte Boom matte lipsticks
  • Immortal Love nourishing lip glosses
  1. What is the texture and finish of the Ember Rose lipsticks?

The Ember Rose Dynamatte lipsticks have a velvet matte texture that is richly pigmented and opaque in color. They provide a non-transfer, long lasting matte finish perfect for romantic nights out.

  1. How to get a romantic makeup look using the Ember Rose palette?

Use the rose gold and brown matte shades in the Ember Rose eyeshadow palette blended softly at the crease. Line eyes with black pencil liner and apply mascara. Dust Eternal Flame blush on cheeks. Finish with Ember Rose lipstick or gloss for a romantic evening look.

  1. Where can I buy the full Ember Rose Valentine’s day makeup collection?

The complete Ember Rose Valentine’s Day collection is available on and You can buy the products together as a set or individually as per your preference.

Wrapping Up!

Sheglam’s new Ember Rose collection is a dreamy and romantic makeup line specially designed for Valentine’s Day. It includes an eyeshadow palette with rose gold shades, creamy powder blushes, velvety matte lipsticks and nourishing lip glosses, all encased in gorgeous packaging. With highly pigmented, soft and blendable formulas these products are perfect for creating a glamorous date night look. The entire collection or individual products can be purchased on or This review highlights how the Ember Rose makeup allows you to achieve a soft, sultry beauty look to wow your Valentine and feel confident and elegant on romantic occasions.

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